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Minkys Eyelash Extension Hands-On Workshops offers 1-Day training in Semi Permanent Individual Eyelash Extensions.
They have become increasingly popular due to the variety of looks that can be achieved- length, volume, glamour and overall frame the most important part of the face which is the eyes, for up to 3-4 weeks depending on care.

This Hands-On Workshop is suitable for individuals venturing into the beauty industry for the first time as a side income, full time income, beauticians and even individuals who wish to re-train in semi permanent eyelash extensions. Eyelash extension application is a precise and highly skilled process that requires wide-ranging training in order to become a proficient eyelash extension specialist and we are here to make sure this happens.

All the knowledge and hands-on skills are covered to succeed in this increasingly lucrative profession that many other trainers charge extra for, therefore saving you money. We teach with an intensive hands-on method that will leave you confident and able to work in a high-pressure environment as soon as you leave. You’ll be able to command premium rates for your service.

You will receive a professional eyelash extension kit, manual, and certification. Our courses are taught individually or in small groups at our training centre locatons. You will be given individual attention and dedication of our qualified and trained teaching staff. If you don’t understand it all in one day, feel free to pop back to the next available course day free of charge.

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Classic Lash Training

We provide the most in-depth, innovative, up-to-date classic eyelash extensions training program on the market.

Volume Lash Training

NEW Volume Lash Extensions Technique!The latest technique of the ongoing eyelash extension phenomenon has arrived in the United States.

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